Governors List

The School’s Governing Body is responsible for determining the aims and overall conduct of the School, its strategic direction, and, in conjunction with the senior leadership, sets and reviews the School’s policies, plans and procedures to ensure the best possible education for present and future pupils of the School.

The Governors are also responsible for ensuring proper control of the School’s finances, for compliance with regulation, both the Charities Commission and the Companies Act, and for risk management.

As highly qualified professionals in many different fields, our Governors bring valued expertise that helps to support the senior leadership and ensure we operate to the highest standard.

All Governors sit on the Main Board and are members of at least one sub-committee. Sub-committees at Beaudesert are:

Education Committee

The Education Committee oversees the development and delivery of the whole curriculum by review of educational policies and establishment of good practice in keeping with the aims of the School. Through supporting, monitoring and evaluating, the Education Committee ensures that appropriate opportunities for learning are afforded to all pupils; that their progress is tracked, assessed and reported; and that the performance and development of the teaching staff is suitably managed. The Education Committee is responsible for ensuring that the School is compliant in all educational and curricular matters.

Finance and General Purposes Committee

This Committee oversees the financial stewardship of the School.  It monitors the integrity of the financial statements, oversees the adequacy and effectiveness of internal financial controls, oversees the relationship with the external auditor and reviews audit findings, has oversight of the School’s pension fund, and reports all finance related matters to the full Board. The Committee also has responsibility for ensuring the School has the facilities it requires and that these are maintained in compliance with statutory regulations.

Governance and Compliance Committee

This Committee focuses on the legal and legislative environment in which the School operates. It also has oversight of all the School’s policies, ensuring those policies which are the responsibility of other sub-committees are updated.

The Governance and Compliance Committee also reviews and monitors the School's Risk Register, health and safety procedures, all matters relating to security, including IT security and data protection, and the School’s insurance policies.

The Committee reviews and monitors staff wellbeing and welfare, along with the provision of public benefit by the School, including by the award of bursaries and use of the School's facilities by the local community.

Boarding, Pastoral and Safeguarding Committee

This Committee oversees the provision and delivery of boarding and the promotion of children’s welfare through the provision of pastoral care and the implementation of safeguarding policies throughout the School. The Committee draws up and reviews policies to ensure the safety, wellbeing and safeguarding of all pupils and establishes good practice in keeping with the aims of the School. Through supporting, monitoring and evaluating, the Committee ensures that appropriate provision is made for boarding and that appropriate policies are in place to safeguard pupils and that the School is compliant with all regulatory requirements covering welfare, boarding, pastoral and safeguarding matters.

Marketing Committee

This Committee oversees the marketing development and communications plan ensuring it is aligned with the School’s strategy. The Committee has responsibility for the protection of the brand by ensuring the School is promoting and building good relationships and communication with parents and the local community, and that the values, image, and brand of Beaudesert are adopted and maintained through all publicity and communication.

List of Governors

Chair: Mr S Jones image

Chair: Mr S Jones

Retired Headmaster (Warden), St Edward's Oxford. Correspondence address: Beaudesert Park School, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, GL6 9AF.
Vice-Chair: Mrs C Lough image

Vice-Chair: Mrs C Lough

Retired Prep School Head
Mr T Ahearne image

Mr T Ahearne

Former Parent; Non-executive Director
Mrs S Block image

Mrs S Block

Parent; Consultant
Mr C Casey image

Mr C Casey

Parent; Non-executive Director
Mr A Collins image

Mr A Collins

Second Master, Dauntsey's School, Wiltshire
Mr S Elliott image

Mr S Elliott

Parent; Corporate Financier
Mr P Evitt image

Mr P Evitt

Retired Headmaster, Highfield School, Hampshire
Lady R Ford image

Lady R Ford

Former Head of Pre-Prep; Educational Consultant
Mrs K Holloway image

Mrs K Holloway

Former Parent; Business Owner
Mrs H I'Anson image

Mrs H I'Anson

Parent; Solicitor
Mrs C Kay image

Mrs C Kay

Former Parent; Solicitor
Mrs Z Lucas image

Mrs Z Lucas

Parent; Business Owner
Mr J Massey image

Mr J Massey

Parent; Company Director
Mr J Nettleton image

Mr J Nettleton

Old Beaudesertian; Parent; Architect
Mr J Thompson image

Mr J Thompson

Parent; Doctor
Mrs E Walker image

Mrs E Walker

Former Parent; Counsellor