Boarding Routines and Activities

The Boarding House routine is flexible, fitting the needs of the children staying overnight, but below is a general overview of the morning and evening routines.

Evening routine

5:30PM - Boarders' Prep

The children finish school and complete prep work.

6:00PM - Supper

Supper is served in our Dining Room, including main meals, salads, hot and cold desserts and fresh fruit.

6:45PM - Activities

Evening activities begin. The range of activities for boarders is diverse, and aims to inspire and equip the children with a wide range of life skills, through a series of activities run by members of staff and visiting adults. They range from unusual and interesting games to learning practical skills that can be used again and again. These include Spotlight, Scottish dancing, archery, cooking, craft making, card games, to name but a few. All our boarders enjoy additional activities each night, and we make sure everyone is provided with continued care and encouragement in the Boarding House.

7:45-8:00PM - Evening Routines Begin

Activities finish and the children ascend to the Boarding House to begin their evening routine which includes evening showers, quiet time in the Games Room and reading before lights out.

Morning routine

7:15AM - Wakey Wakey!

The children are woken up.

7:30AM - Breakfast

A hot breakfast is served in the Dining Room, along with porridge, cereal, toast, fruit and yoghurt.

8:00AM - The School Day Begins

The children leave the Boarding House and begin the school day.