Trips and Tours

School trips are a fundamental learning experience at Beaudesert Park School.

School trips help develop students’ self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-belief. It gives young people the chance to experience cultures, respect differences, and develop new friendships with their peers and thus broaden their horizons and knowledge of the wider world outside the school environment.

Benefits of school trips

  • Enhanced critical thinking
  • Learning skills
  • Greater cultural understanding and awareness
  • Reinforcing the curriculum in real time
  • Experiencing new concepts and learning environments
  • Making life long memories and friendships

We organise school trips from an early age and start with exciting day trips with the younger year groups, building up to rewarding residential trips for the older children.

Some of our day trips include; visits to the Wilderness Centre in the Forest of Dean, local history trips around the canals and cloth mills of Stroud, music and sporting competitions, Maths Challenges and local wildlife quizzes at other schools, science competitions, scholarship trips and events, arts and D&T museum visits. These are just a few of the trips we run each year for different year groups.

Residential trips

We run a number of residential trips for the children in the Prep School. A typical year sees Year 7 take on outdoor challenges at Outward Bound in North Wales, Year 6 explore moorland and historic buildings on Dartmoor in a joint History and Geography trip, and Year 8 celebrate the end of their tenure by surfing, cycling and kayaking in Cornwall.

We also run oversees residential trips. Year 7 visit Normandy, France, to apply what they have learned in class to communicate in real situations. Years 5 to 8 are welcome to join our school ski trip to Italy in the Spring Term.