Prep School Boarding

The popularity and purpose of prep school boarding has changed dramatically in recent decades. Prep school boarding gives children the opportunity to try new activities, broaden friendships and develop their independence.

What is the difference between full, weekly and flexi-boarding?

Full boarding is children staying at school every night of the week, including weekends, for the full length of the term. They will only return home for half terms or exeats.
Weekly boarding involves children staying from Monday night to either Thursday or Friday night. They will return home on the weekends, as well as for half terms and exeats.
Flexi-boarding allows parents and children to choose how many nights that would like to board on any particular week. Children can stay just for one night, after a late sports match or school disco, or for a few nights a week. The number of nights can vary week by week, to suit the needs of the family.
At Beaudesert Park, we offer either weekly or flexi-boarding for children during term time. There are no opportunities to board on a Saturday or Sunday night.

What are the benefits of boarding?

As well as preparing children for boarding at their senior school, boarding comes with a whole host of benefits. It helps children understand routines and develop a sense of self-sufficiency. They have ample opportunity to improve their organisational skills and establish responsibility for themselves and others. Living with their friends gives the children a sense of community and belonging, as well as boosting their teamwork and leadership skills.

In more general terms though, it is just good fun! The Boarding House is always full of energy, with children enjoying a plethora of exciting activities out of school hours, including swimming and sports, arts and crafts, cookery, and special events and workshops. There is also plenty of down time for the children to enjoy in evenings, particularly in the Games Room, where children can watch movies or play games together.

When is the right age to start boarding?

Children can start boarding at Beaudesert from Year 4, when they are 8 or 9 years old. Younger children often benefit from one night of boarding a week, which sets them in good stead for what is to come when they are older. Many choose to board for longer periods as they approach senior school, where they may be boarding full-time.

What happens in the Boarding House?

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Who looks after the boarders?

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