School Aims

The school fully meets its aim to encourage pupils to achieve their potential.


Our Mission Statement

Beaudesert is one of the leading prep schools in the country, inspiring and nurturing every one of our children to be the very best versions of themselves they can possibly be, encouraging aspiration, celebrating individuality, embracing curiosity and fostering kindness.

We wish for our children to be happy and flourishing in the present, while preparing for and stepping confidently into a bright future.

We achieve this in an environment that is forward-thinking, holistic and dynamic educationally, while upholding the finest traditional values and practices.

Our position as an entirely independent 13+ prep school enables us to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of every individual child and family, supporting and preparing them for their future education with confidence.


Our core values, which underpin all aspects of Beaudesert life are:

Kindness & Compassion

Curiosity & Creativity

Aspiration & Courage

Individuality & Respect


Read our Core Purpose, Values and Aims Booklet