Individual Sports

Children compete in a number of different individual sports at Beaudesert Park. From athletics and cross country, to fencing and judo, we have a team of specialists coaching our children in their chosen disciplines.

  • Athletics

    All children cover the main disciplines of athletics in the Summer Term. As the children progress through the School they are given the opportunity to take part in inter-school events and have been successful at national level.

    Triathlon participation is also popular with some of our children, who participate both competitively and for charity.

  • Cross Country

    Cross country is not compulsory but Beaudesert has enjoyed considerable success at both county and national level, and the afternoon cross country activity is always very popular with our Prep School children.

  • Tennis

    Tennis forms part of our Summer Term sports programme, but children are also able to take individual and group lessons with our resident tennis specialist throughout the year. These are available to children in the Prep School and older Pre-Prep children.

  • Gymnastics

    Elements of gymnastics are taught as part of our PE curriculum throughout the School, and Gymnastics also features in our activity programme.

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

    Clay Pigeon Shooting is popular among our Prep School children. We have a strong record of results in the annual IAPS competition.

  • Other Activities

    In the Prep School, children also have the opportunity to take part in numerous different individual sporting activities including fencing, judo, golf and archery.

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